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Family Owned and Operated

Catherine Creek Hides was started by Michelle Steevens. She attended school in Montana and was in a class of 5 other students. They were taught by a taxidermist, he hoped that one or two of them would go and start their own tanneries as there is currently a shortage of them in the U.S.

Michelle returned from school and opened a small hobby shop. She took what inventory she had to local farmers markets and bazaars in southern Oregon and made a name for herself in the community. She quickly started getting more work as news of her shop spread and soon she out grew her small garage shop.

While visiting her oldest daughter in eastern Oregon, she found a building that would be able to fit her quickly growing business. She moved her entire operation in a couple of months and has expanded her operation. After enlisting her daughter to help manager her store front, Michelle has started operating on a much larger scale. Her vision for her shop has only gotten bigger with the larger space. She plans on having a taxidermist, leather worker and bone artist on site as well as putting together classes for the local and surrounding communities.

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